Bronster Bridge — Dissolve Into Sunset [2020]

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It was the hot summer of 1984. In a magazine we found an article about a unique car, the “Pangolina”, assembled by a self-taught soviet engineer.

It was a daring response to the cool supercars seen in the action movies on the vhs-tapes. The next day we started manufacturing it and after a while it was already parked on our backyard. We fastened our seat belts, turned the ignition key and headed for the coast. While our car was flying along the coastline, South Bay was already waiting for us. Foot down the pedal, and “Pangolina” rushed over the horizon and dissolved into sunset.

released August 16, 2020

Composed, arranged, performed, produced, mixing and mastering by Pavel Durnikov

Summer Paradise — additional music by Sergei Baranov
Wherever You Are — additional music, trombone and vocals by MicroMatscenes, mastering by Luigi Lusini
Yacht in the South Bay — additional music by MicroMatscenes
Dissolve into sunset — Guitar by Dalton Bell

Photo by Pavel Volkov
Designed by Pavel Durnikov

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