Dome of the Darkness — Lost in Costa​-​Rica [2020]

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Neon Retro Records presents the debut album of the new resident our label — Dome of the Darkness! Powerful darksynth!

«This story began in Central America. Once upon a time, evil settled in the lands of Costa Rica, and has covered lands with dark wings. His breath cooled the blood. It instilled madness and fear, penetrated through the flesh and corroded from the inside. Many tried to stop this plague, but each time failed. And so on the solstice day in Costa Rica, a light motor plane crashed for a topographic survey. The pilot got lost in the woods. Wandering in the gloom — he went to the foot of the black mountain and found an artifact that could stop what corrodes the familiar world. This battle was like a thousand lightning bolts, the roar of heaven. Who will win, and who will continue his eternal path?»

released January 13, 2020

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